What exactly do you
want tattooed on yourself?

I’ve met a lot of clients who have spent years contemplating on what they want tattooed on themselves.

When they came to make an appointment they were 100% sure in their decision, and I salute them for that.

They have no doubts about getting a tattoo, but in the style or picture they have chosen.

While discussing their selected tattoos a lot of clients question themselves. Is that what I really want?

Truth is many have thought long and hard on the subject, but the question is where they thinking in the right way?

You have to accept the following facts:

There is no tattoo magazines in Croatia, there have never been any quality prints where you can find good ideas.

Google is a very bad tool for finding your tattoo, it throws out 1000 poorly done tattoos and only 1 professional.

Facebook is the same, if you don’t know where to look it can set you off on the wrong track.

On internet portals and newspapers you are exposed to controversial images or on what celebrities have on them.

So ask yourself how…

Well, for that you have tattoo salons.

There in most cases you will find someone who knows everything about tattoos and who has experience and can advise you to help you find what you’re interested in. Someone who has a rich art gallery.

There you will probably find tattoo magazines (who publish only quality tattoos)

The way to look at pictures of tattoos is in most cases a tiny paradox.

Most people look at the picture, meaning, the positioning and the size.

Imagine you go to an art expose, what would you look at, what would you look for, would you really observe it only in terms of positioning and size?

The correct way to look at a tattoo or a painting is the same. You have to pay attention on how the tattoo is made, how the artist set up colors and contrasts, the quality, did the artist spend 2 minutes on it or 2 months.

Let’s be realistic, most people for their first tattoo pick something that doesn’t take longer than 60 minutes to complete.

That can tell you a lot about the tattoo you’ve chosen. Think about buying a car that was manufactured in a day, to live in a house who has been built for a week, wear a t-shirt that took 15 minutes to get sown.

If you’re fine with that, you will probably end up with something MADE IN CHINA.

And we all know all about the Chinese quality. Appearance is not the most important thing when choosing something for a lifetime.

Yes but quality stuff is more expensive, it takes more time to make them, it take more effort to find, anyway, you only have one skin.

To close, I’d like to share a saying from the tattoo world: