Frequently asked

1.How much does tattoo cost?

In this case it’s not about a finished product that’s sitting on a shelf and it’s not sold by kilo.
It’s like asking: How much does a car cost?
If you don’t name the brand of car, it’s horsepower, color, equipment, model, … you won’t get an answer to that question.
Tattoos are in most cases charged by the hour, schedule or if it’s possible a fixed rate is determined depending on size, intricacy and a spot on your body where you choose to have your tattoo.

2. I would like to copy the tattoo from an existing image. It’s the same size, maybe a bit smaller, but on a different spot and with a different caption?

It may come as surprise, but these kinds of questions are very common.
You just stated that you wanted to buy a car, same as the one on the picture, same size but maybe a bit smaller, but a different model with different equipment.
If you wish to obtain that sort of information you need to come to our tattoo studio and work out the specific details with us. Otherwise we can give you an estimated cost, which can vary.

3. What’s your starting price?

That question is totally irrelevant, what matters is what you wish to gain.
If you’re asking for the cheapest car, you know the answer yourself.
First off, you need to figure out what it is that you want and then ask for the price.
Buying the cheapest car for your entire life is never a good idea.

4. I’m sending you a picture of another person’s tattoo, can you copy it for me and at what cost?

As stated earlier, we don’t stock tattoos. Not every tattoo fits and looks the same on everybody, so it is best to come to our studio in person and workout with us all the details regarding your new tattoo.

5. Can you send me some tattooed pictures on forearm, chest, behind the neck, …?

Every idea you have can be adapted to any part of your body on which u want to do your tattoo. Our gallery is categorized by styles, symbols, animals, flowers, tribal, etc. and not by body parts (forearm, chest, neck, fingers, etc.)

6. Where can I find your contact information and working hours? Is it on facebook, web, where?

Look up the link “Contact”. It’s all stated there.

7. How much does tattooing hurt?

The pain sensation when tattooing is individual in nature. Some experience it as a pleasant prickle, for others it hurts like hell. It all depends on how well prepared are you mentally.

8. How long does it take to tattoo for example a rose 8×8 cm on my back, and what’s the price?

Rose, or anything else is a relative term.
Time needed to make a tattoo depends on following:

  • style with which the tattoo is made,
  • speed of your tattoo artist,
  • place on your body where the tattoo will be located,
  • technique with which the tattoo is made,
  • person that’s getting the tattoo.

For the exact response, with the correct cost and time frame, you need to visit in person.