Problem that
everyone has!

Problem which most clients encounter consists of:

What to ink on yourself, for a lifetime, without regretting it.

Looking for a solution to that problem, clients approach it the only way they know how, and for some unknown reason they approach this problem like none other.

To clarify approach:

  • A desire for tattoo arises
  • Rational approach is to start thinking in a way what do I want to have inked on me forever
  • What is so important that I want to wear it on myself forever, without regretting later on for having it?

Naturally, this part is very important, but once it’s completed most of the clients tend to go the wrong way.

They are starting to think about what style, picture, quote to put on them in a way it stands for everything they want.

They found motives, symbols, texts, etc. that are acceptable to them and in them they find a reminder for their meanings.

Example 1.
You know what kind of car you want, you want it to be comfortable, pretty, fast, with low fuel consumption, low repair costs, epic audio system, leather seats…

You know what kind of tattoo you want, you want it to represent something, to be of particular size, not expensive, black color, on a certain position, with certain technique, …

Result 1.
You will find a suitable car sales company and you will choose a car that gives you the most out of your desired preferences, aware that you won’t get all that you’ve looked for in a car, but you will try and make the best possible choice.

Of course you have to like the car salesman, he needs to be available immediately because you don’t want to wait for a delivery and it’s important that the price is right.

You will walk into a tattoo studio that suits you by its price, recommendations, galleries… You’ll describe your ideas to the tattoo artists, and he’ll do his best do ink what you desired.

You’ve checked out a couple of saloons and chosen the one that offered you most in your price range. You will maybe get even more than expected, and you will be happy. But is it the real thing?

Question 1.
Is that the car you wanted???

Question 2.
How would you think if you’re buying a car for a lifetime???

Question 3.
Do you really want the type of car you’re dreaming of or do you simply feel that it’s not worth to think it over in detail, since there are so many good cars around. Do you think it’s best to make peace with the fact: if others drive it, it’s probably not that bad…

Question 4.
What if you could choose a car unique to you? You find a car company that will make the car specifically by your request, allowing you to be as imaginative as you can while having the time for you?

Question 5.
What would you choose if the car you want takes the same time to arrive as an average one?
What if the prices of the cars are approximately the same?
What if all your wishes came true? Do you know how does it feel like?

Let’s continue…

You know what you want tattooed, you’re willing to wear it your whole life, you’ve made a bunch of compromises with yourself in order to make it acceptable, then you’ve made compromises with your tattoo artist in order to make it doable. When you’re finished with all of the above you’re left with an acceptable average, same as about 90% of the people, eventually regretting your decision.

There are various reasons, but let’s list some that are most common:

Inking names:

They are becoming simple and boring to look at

Half the world has one

They don’t decorate the body but serve as a marking

It’s not what you expected it to be

Inking markings you currently feel that matter

Inking opinions you currently feel that matter


First off, let’s look at your problem.

Example 1. You want a tattoo that means something to you and you need a tattoo artist to make it happen.

Example 2. You are experiencing pain in abdominal region, you know you don’t want to feel that way and you need a doctor to cure you.

Example 3. Your car isn’t working well, you want it in perfect driving condition and you need a mechanic to fix it.

In examples 2 and 3 you approach the problem by asking around who is the best. You find that person and tell him your troubles. He takes a look at you and offers you a solution. You can either accept the given solution or get a second opinion and then chose what’s best for you.

This is the right approach in all situations.

In example 1. everybody approaches in the same way.

They enter a tattoo saloon and express their desires for getting a tattoo.

What comes next makes no sense, but still. Clients tend to tell the person solving their problem (in this case a tattoo) how they want it solved, which tools should be used, how to set them up, and the price.

(you choose positioning, size, cost range, color, style,…)

If you haven’t ran into a scrupulous artist, who likes what he does and cares about his reputation, the only thing you’ll get with this kind of approach is lack of money in your pocket and a tattoo you won’t be proud with.

The only way to work out a solution to the problem is: If you don’t know how to solve to problem yourself, and you want it done long-term and expertly, you need to do the following:

  • Analyze everything that troubles you
  • Decide that you want to take care of it
  • Get informed and find the best person to solve your problem
  • Talk to that person, hear what he has to say and decide if that’s what you expected
  • Calculate your best solution (leave the problem or deal with it)
  • Deal with the problem

That is the only way you can do a smart investment, and without feeling hmm… (depending on the problem, right?)