tattooing you?

When choosing a tattoo it’s very important to know which one to pick in order to get what you want.

I will explain to you the advantages and differences, the decision is yours.



  • Person who looks at tattooing as a hobby and something fun. Probably works privately, from home.

What to expect from a scratcher:

  • Good fun, cheap tattoo, availability at any given time, no waiting period.

What you can’t expect:

  • Quality for a lifetime, experience, hygiene, responsibility, getting what you wanted



  • Person who’s job is tattooing. That person is making a living from it, or at least trying to, and has an open tattoo saloon.

What to expect from a tattoo master:

  • Quality tattoo, higher cost, hygiene, responsibility, wait for an appointment, adapt to their working hours.

What you can’t expect:

  • Unique work, precisely the tattoo you want



  • Every person who lives that job. Their goal is constant learning and career advancement. He wants to offer something others can’t. He has an open tattoo saloon.

What you can expect:

  • Top performance, uniqueness, originality, hygiene, wait for an appointment, a little higher cost then from tattoo master, responsibility.

What you can’t expect:

  • Them accepting everything you ask from them, negotiating the price, you dictating how they do their jobs.