Ideal process from
choosing to tattooing


  1. need to have an idea about the tattoo
  2. have to browse tattoo galleries of different tattoo studios and compare them
  3. when he makes a decision about a studio he thinks is best, ask around, get more information on the selected studio
  4. client needs to take an interest in studio’s hygiene, he needs to visit in person and ask whatever he wants to know, but firstly needs to be familiarized with terms: disinfection, sterilization, blood transmitted diseases
  5. call the tattoo studio and make an appointment
  6. when you come to an appointment, make a compromise
  7. figure out the size, positioning and the price of the tattoo and make a decision
  8. if everything is in to his satisfaction, order a tattooing appointment, or find another studio
  9. give your trust to your tattoo artist, because you’ve chosen him


  1. look for a studio only by factoring in the price
  2. listen to advices from friends regarding tattoo process
  3. enter into a tattoo studio without looking at their galleries first
  4. determinate for them self how their tattoo will look like and how it will be done
  5. get tattooed because of others
  6. make up your own rules regarding the maintenance and taking care of your tattoo.